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01.11.17 Manzi's News - November 2017
Have you ever wondered how water is used in our daily lives? Have you thought what water actually is? How much water do we have on Earth? What about how people get water to use every day? Finally, has the thought ever crossed your mind how water is polluted and what effects it can have on our lives and our health? Well, I would love to share some information with you!
23.10.17 We all Live Downstream
The dawn chorus of birds rang out across the Sabie River. The bird calls of the Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, the Burchell’s Coucal, the Blacksmith Lapwing and the Fish Eagle added a peaceful atmosphere to the river scene.
23.10.17 Vereeniging Cleanup Campaign
“I care about myself, others and the environment”
18.10.17 Manzi's News - October 2017
Did you know that October is a very special environmental month? October has two important environmental themes to celebrate: World Habitat Day and also National Marine Week!
05.10.17 Water Wise Watch - October 2017
It seems we have skipped spring and jumped straight into summer!
03.10.17 Flufftail Schools Celebrate Arbor Day
National Arbor Week is a national call to all South Africans to plant indigenous trees as a practical and symbolic gesture of sustainable environmental management.