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28.02.19 Water Wise Watch - March 2019
This month we celebrate water, nationally and internationally, with National Water Week from 17-23 March, and World Water Day on 22 March. National Water Week 2019 will be driven by the theme 'Water is Life - 20 Years of Water Delivery for Social and Economic Development". 
18.02.19 Manzi's News - February 2019
Friends today we are going to learn about animal shelters, theirs sizes, shape and man-made animal shelters.
04.02.19 Water Wise Watch - February 2019
We all know that February is a month of "love" and we take some time to spoil with our loved ones. However, did you know that in this month we also celebrate the World Wetland's Day?
09.01.19 Water Wise Watch - January 2019
Welcome back! Best wishes for the New Year! The Water Wise team hope you had a lovely festive season and a relaxing December break.
09.01.19 Manzi's News - January 2019
Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful school holiday and that you are all well rested and ready to tackle the year ahead of you with a lot of energy and excitement.
09.01.19 Manzi's News - December 2018
Water is used everyday for activities such as taking a bath, brushing teeth, for the toilet, washing clothes or even drinking a glass of cold water.