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16.10.18 National Marine Week (14 - 20 October 2018)
If you take a look at the river below you will see that the river starts off very clean high up in the mountains.
08.10.18 Manzi's News - October 2018
Did you know that millions of people around the world go to bed hungry without food? Because of lack of food, people become poorly nourished and become sick very easily.
02.10.18 Water Wise Watch - October 2018
Water Wise recently implemented its very first social media campaign, and we are very excited about it!
06.09.18 Water Wise Watch - September 2018
September is a month where we celebrate the end of the cold winter and the start of spring.
03.09.18 Manzi's News - September 2018
The windy month of August has finally left us and the Spring season comes with good and bad effects on our life.
27.08.18 Arbor Month Posters - September 2018
Tree of the Year 2018: Shepherd’s tree (Boscia albitrunca)