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01.02.21 Water Wise Watch - February 2021
Anyone that indulges in any form of media would be familiar with the term “a new normal”, which interestingly took the 38th spot on the Global Language Monitor’s top 50 terms of 2020.
26.01.21 Water Wise Newsflash - World Environmental Education Day - 26 January 2021
World Environmental Education Day is celebrated more than once a year, 26 January and 14 October.
26.01.21 Water Wise Newsflash - 26 January 2021
The festive season is over and now we are returning back to reality in 2021. The President and National Command Council took us back to Level 3 and you may be asking WHY? Hospital intensive care units are full of Covid-19 patients with a large number of them being the youth.
21.01.21 Water Wise Newsflash - Penguin Awareness Day
Penguins are flightless seabirds and most live below the Equator in the Southern Hemisphere.
08.01.21 Water Wise Newsflash - 8 January 2020
On 10 December 2020 the Water Wise Education Team presented a Water Wise roadshow at a School Holiday Risk Reduction Program in Panfontein. Present at the session were Disaster Management from Midvaal Municipality, Sedibeng Municipality, Department of Health and the Pipelines Department from Rand Water.
08.01.21 Water Wise News - January 2021
We were recently intrigued with the documentary titled “Kiss the Ground” (a must watch when you have the time). A key concept that was brought up during the documentary is something called regenerative agriculture and how it can help combat the effects of climate change.