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16.03.12 Penguin Waddle 2012
It is estimated that the African penguin could be extinct in the wild within 15 years.
Water is Life, Conserve it, Enjoy it!
24.01.12 Wetlands: Source of Life
Even though wetlands have many benefits to society, such as purifying water, controlling erosion and providing habitat for wetland dependent species, they continue to be destroyed and poorly managed.
24.11.11 Snares and Poaching
The Highveld is home to 130 species of mammals1. Unfortunately many of these animals are poached for food, snared for use in muti, or sold on a larger scale for financial gain.
29.09.11 Launch of the revised Tree Rooting Habits booklet
The revised version of the "Tree Rooting Habits and their Implications for the Infrastructure of Rand Water" booklet was launched at the Water Services Forum on Urban Agriculture hosted by Rand Water on 21 September 2011.
06.09.11 Companion Planting for Edible Food Gardens
Companion planting for vegetables, herbs and flowers is the practice of planting different plants in close proximity so that they complement each other by giving off scent or chemicals that repels away insects.