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12.09.13 Another year of support from the Mazda Wildlife Fund
Rand Water’s Water Wise Education Team (WWET) based at Delta Environmental Centre in Victory Park, has been extremely privileged to be the beneficiary of a sponsored Mazda BT-50 double cab bakkie from the Mazda Wildlife Fund for another year.
03.09.13 Plant selection for Water Wise gardening
Now that the cold season is finally over, most of us will be looking forward to the planting month ahead.
30.08.13 eClassroom Water Wise Worksheets
Rand Water's Water Wise Education Team has gone into partnership with E-Classroom to produce 20 Water Wise worksheets aimed at Grade R to 5 and aligned to CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement).
04.04.13 The Value of Water
The month of March saw the celebration of National Water Week (18-24 March) as well as the celebration of World Water Day (22 March).
11.03.13 Manzi News - March 2013
Manzi, the Water Wise Tapduck, celebrates his birthday on 22 March. He is overjoyed to be celebrating his Birthday and would like you to share in his celebrations.