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05.09.14 Manzi's News - September 2014
Arbor Week is celebrated in the first week of September in (1-7 September). Arbor in simple terms is tree-planting. The beauty of the day is that, rather than looking backwards, the day looks forwards with promise for a future filled with trees.
07.08.14 Manzi's News - August 2014
It’s the month of August and it’s the month that we honour women and celebrate Women’s Day on 9 August. In this newsletter we are highlighting the role of women in the environment and their contribution towards making our environment a better world.
29.07.14 Manzi's News - July 2014
World Population Day is an annual event, observed on 11 July every year, which seeks to raise awareness of global population issues.
02.06.14 Manzi's News - June 2014
Did you know that 5 June is World Environment Day (WED)?
23.05.14 Water Wise Education Team at Yebo Gogga
The Yebo Gogga Exhibition is a free annual exhibition, hosted at Wits University, that celebrates the natural world and allows visitors to learn more about our world in a hands-on, interactive way.
14.05.14 Manzi's News - May 2014
The theme for National Biological Diversity Day on 22 May is “Island Biodiversity”.