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31.01.13 Wetland and Water Management
World Wetlands Day is celebrated 02 of February. The United Nations (UN) has declared 2013 International year of Water Cooperation with the theme “Wetlands and Water Management”.
11.12.12 Harvesting Rainwater
Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse before it permeates into the ground to recharge ground water systems.
13.11.12 Protect our Fish
The fish population of the Vaal River live within certain environmental conditions. Changes within this environment may result in fish kills, a world-wide phenomenon that occur due to natural or man-induced factors.
07.11.12 Drought and the impending water crisis
In a recent address, our Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Mrs Edna Molewa, highlighted what has been labelled ‘a looming water crisis’ in South Africa.
04.10.12 Land Pollution
Land pollution is generated by human activities. Most often it is forgotten that the land we live in forms part of our environment, together with the air we breathe and the water we drink. Land pollution often results in habitat loss, land degradation, littering and soil contamination.