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03.08.18 Water Wise Watch - August 2018
While the focus of the war against plastic pollution is often on the effects on marine ecosystems, does plastic pollution affects our freshwater ecosystems?
10.07.18 Water Wise Watch - July 2018
Growing your own food is not only simple and relatively inexpensive, it is great for your mind and body, and the environment too.
26.06.18 Manzi's News - July 2018
Do you know what Sharks are?
11.06.18 Manzi's News - June 2018
Hope you are going to enjoy this newsletter. I know you love playing in water because it’s great fun. However, sometimes I see kids enjoying themselves so much that they forget to be careful.
30.05.18 Water Wise Watch - June 2018
Winter has arrived and the temperature has already dropped. Hopefully you have made sure to cover all your sensitive plants with frost netting to protect them from the impending frost!