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01.03.21 Water Wise Watch - March 2021
Water plays an important role in every part of our lives economically, socially and culturally. The theme for the 2021 World Water Day is “Valuing water”.
27.02.21 Water Wise Newsflash - World Polar Bear Day - 27 February 2021
27 February is marked as World Polar Bear Day. Celebrations of Polar Bear Day started in 2011 by Polar Bears International.
21.02.21 Water Wise Newsflash - World Whale Day
Blue whales are the largest animals on Earth. They have an average lifespan of 80 to 90 years in the wild.
19.02.21 Water Wise News - February 2021
In this article, we will explore the five structural layers of the atmosphere and get to know the layers and its characteristics. So friends, fasten your seat belt; open your mind to capture and focus; to learn more and to enjoy.
02.02.21 Water Wise Newsflash - World Wetlands Day - 2 February 2021
Every wetland needs clean water flowing through it to stay healthy! Don’t deprive wetlands of this precious resource.