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09.04.15 Greywater Pamphlet- April 2015
The human race needs water to survive, to work, to eat, to live-healthily and to participate in recreation. These activities have resulted in the Earth’s water becoming scarce and polluted as water is used at an alarming rate. The global population increase is placing demands on all natural systems and as pressures on available water increase, so more measures are required to supply water to users.
27.03.15 Water Wise Watch - April 2015
The days grow shorter and there is a definite chill in the air, as the summer season draws to a close and we welcome the onset of Autumn. Now is a good time to start preparing your garden for winter. Start by cutting back dead vegetation, dead-heading all flowers, and planting winter and spring-flowering bulbs.
03.03.15 Manzi's News - March 2015
National Water Week is a national awareness campaign which serves to emphasise the value of water; the need for sustainable management of this scarce resource; and the important role water plays in communities in South Africa.
26.02.15 Water Wise Watch - March 2015
March is the month for water, as Water Wise celebrates both World Water Day on 22 March, and National Water Week 2015.
02.02.15 Manzi's News - February 2015
February is known as the month of Love to many. Many will give gifts, some will get gifts and write poems, but I want us to think about how much love we have been giving to wetlands.
28.01.15 Water Wise Watch - February 2015
This month we are celebrating World Wetlands Day, which is on 2 February. The theme this year, as mandated by Ramsar, is "Wetlands for our Future".