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30.07.15 Water Wise Watch - August 2015
August is a tricky month in the garden - very strong winds, cold nights, and spikes in daytime temperature means that there is a good chance that your plants may take a beating. Don’t worry though, click here to get more tips on how to enjoy an August garden, as well as what you can look forward to if you were a successful winter gardener!
30.06.15 Manzi's News - July 2015
Hi Friends, Do you still remember my name? Aaah! Manzi, you are right. I hope you did not forget that is a Zulu word and when translated into English it means water. There is one thing that I would like to share with you about manzi (water), the air and the land. People do not respect us whilst we are so important to you, lions, dogs, cats, fishes, elephants, snakes, birds, frogs, ants, plants and many more.
24.06.15 Water Wise Watch - July 2015
July is the month of winter, and in Gauteng we were recently hit with our first wave of heavily frost.
01.06.15 Water_Wise_Watch_June_2015
This month I would like to focus on Invasive Alien Plants (IAPs) and the brand-new legislation regarding invasive species on properties, which was launched in March this year.
The fight for a clean environment starts with you. To build a better future, we all must commit to protect our environment year-round. Join Water Wise as we strive to conserve water and conserve the environment.
08.05.15 Water Wise Watch - May 2015
May is the month to celebrate our beautiful Earth and the amazing variety of animals, plants, insect and birds found here. International Day of Biodiversity is on 22 May and the theme is ‘Biodiversity for Sustainable Development’.