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02.02.15 Manzi's News - February 2015
February is known as the month of Love to many. Many will give gifts, some will get gifts and write poems, but I want us to think about how much love we have been giving to wetlands.
28.01.15 Water Wise Watch - February 2015
This month we are celebrating World Wetlands Day, which is on 2 February. The theme this year, as mandated by Ramsar, is "Wetlands for our Future".
29.12.14 Manzi's News - January 2015
New Year festivities in South Africa are annually celebrated with excitement and happiness on 1 January.
29.12.14 Water Wise Watch - January 2015
The new year has arrived, and we hope you have had a lovely, rested festive season.
12.12.14 Christmas for Kids - December 2014
Another successful “Christmas for Kids” function! This years Christmas for Kids function was held on 3 December.
01.12.14 Manzi's News - December 2014
We’re just a few weeks away from the festive season and the hope of a well deserved break with family and friends is more than welcome.