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07.06.16 Manzi's News - June 2016
Last time we said that insects live everywhere! Can you remember that? We said that insects can live in your house, garden and in the veld too. There are millions of types of insects on Earth.
02.06.16 Water Wise Watch - June 2016
Water Wise regularly encourages people to conserve water by adopting Water Wise habits such as taking shorter showers and turning the tap off when you brush your teeth.
30.05.16 Manzi's News - May 2016
This month we are exploring our rivers. We may take them for granted but they offer us great services. Rivers provide a home and food to a variety of animals. You will find lots of plants, insects, birds, freshwater animals and and animals near and in a river.
03.05.16 Water Wise Watch - May 2016
Do you know what biological diversity is? Do you know why it is important for life on Earth? Do you know how you can enhance biodiversity in your area? This month we celebrate International Day of Biological Diversity on 22 May 2016.
19.04.16 Manzi's News - April 2016
Manzi is my name and “edutainment” is my game.
04.04.16 Water Wise Watch - April 2016
Arguably, Earth Day may be one of the more important environmental days that we celebrate every year. Yes, water is our most precious natural resource, and without it there would be no life on Earth. However, without Earth, we would have no where to live.