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25.09.15 Manzi's News - October 2015
Did you know that you are possibly drinking the same water that was drank by the dinosaurs millions of years ago.
16.09.15 Geosmin
Smelly water does not mean unhealthy water if the odour is caused by geosmin.
02.09.15 Manzi's News - September 2015
Have any of you ever wondered why water is so important? Well I have, so I went on a journey to find out more about the importance of water for all life on Earth.
27.08.15 Water Wise Watch - September 2015
September is the month of spring - budding trees and shrubs, flushes of colour in the garden, and the first promises of rain for our scorched earth.
11.08.15 Manzi's News - August 2015
I am very excited to talk to you again ! I hope you are all looking forward to this month’s newsletter. Today it is very cold from where I am sitting writing this newsletter. I have warm clothes on, drinking a warm cup of tea and I have been keeping warm by staying inside the house. Go outside and see what the weather is like? How is it ? Is it sunny, windy, cold, rainy or cloudy? If it is cold it might get warmer later on in the day or even colder!
30.07.15 Water Wise Watch - August 2015
August is a tricky month in the garden - very strong winds, cold nights, and spikes in daytime temperature means that there is a good chance that your plants may take a beating. Don’t worry though, click here to get more tips on how to enjoy an August garden, as well as what you can look forward to if you were a successful winter gardener!