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16.09.19 Manzi's Newsflash - World Cleanup Day - 21 September 2019
On 21 September 2019 volunteers around the world will come together to rid our planet of litter.
03.09.19 Manzi's News - September 2019
Many countries across our planet Earth, including South Africa, realise how important it is to educate people about the importance of keeping our environment green. During the first week of September, South Africa celebrates Arbor Week, a week where trees are celebrated by planting them.
22.08.19 Water Wise Watch - August 2019
As we enter August, temperatures start rising, the sun rises earlier, and the end of winter is in sight.
06.08.19 Manzi's Newsflash - 2019 National Science Week
National Science Week (NSW) is a Department of Science and Technology (DST) initiative aimed at raising awareness of the importance of science in people's everyday lives.
02.08.19 Manzi's News - August 2019
In our previous article we spoke about “Continuing to Celebrate our Environment”. I am sure you have enjoyed reading it and you are still in the celebration mood.
11.07.19 Water Wise Watch - July 2019
The Eco-Logic Awards is an event where individuals and companies are recognized and celebrated for their progressive contribution towards a sustainable world.