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20.03.20 7 Steps to washing your hands the Water Wise way!
By closing the tap while washing your hands, you can save 2 to 4.5 litres of water per wash
10.03.20 Water Wise Watch - March 2020
As we usher in a new month that celebrates one of our critical natural resources (water), Water Wise decided to inform people about the brand’s establishment. Gauteng area experienced an intense drought in 1990, this climatic condition compelled the government to pass on water restrictions around 1994/95, which then led to Rand Water as a water board fining municipalities for exceeding the imposed finite volumes, collecting funds that amounted to about R12 million. The funds were pledged for water conservation, through campaigns such as “working for water, and working for wetlands”.  
09.03.20 Manzi's News - March 2020
This month we are going to learn about nutrients in food and the role of water in food and in our bodies.
17.02.20 Manzi's News - February 2020
It’s time to celebrate and protect the incredible biodiversity of these beautiful and vital South African habitats. Wetlands are very wet areas where water plants (e.g. bulrushes, reeds, etc.) and water animals (hippos, otters, fish eagles, etc.) are found, and where there is a special type of soil.