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19.10.16 Manzi's News - October 2016
I am very excited to talk to you again! I hope you are all looking forward to this month’s newsletter. In this issue we are going to look at planet Earth & beyond.
30.09.16 Water Wise Watch - October 2016
As the days get warmer and rain remains elusive, worries over the continued drought increase. Certain municipalities have instituted water restrictions in their region in an attempt to reduce customer demand. Failure to adhere to these restrictions can result in fines. Remember to be Water Wise and use water as sparingly as possible!
14.09.16 National Science Week Celebration
On 11 August 2016 the Water Wise Education Team (WWET) celebrated this year’s national Science Week at the Johannesburg Botanical Garden.
12.09.16 Water Wise WINS 2016 IWA Award
Rand Water is pleased to announce that the Water Wise Team has been selected as the winner of the 2016 IWA Project Innovation Awards (PIA) – Marketing & Communications category.
07.09.16 Manzi's News - September 2016
National Arbor Week (1 – 7 September), is a special week that has been set aside for planting and caring of trees.
06.09.16 Water Wise Watch - September 2016
Good news, Winter is over and Spring has arrived! We can look forward to long, warm days, and many hours in the garden.