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12.11.19 World Toilet Day - This is not just a toilet
The theme of World Toilet Day 2019 is ‘Leaving no one behind’, which is the central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This year, we want to show that a toilet is not just a toilet; it’s a life-saver, dignity-protector and opportunity-maker.
25.10.19 Manzi's News - October 2019
The environment means everything around us, including physical features like mountains, escarpments, high lying places and low lying places as well as the characteristics of the place we live in.
24.10.19 Manzi's Newsflash - Do it the Water Wise way
The Water Wise Education Team, in partnership with the Vereeniging Executive Manager, the Risk departments of Scientific Services and Vereeniging Station, Environmental Management Services, Civil and Rand Water’s Government Relations organised an annual cleaning campaign of the Vereeniging Station on 25 September to create awareness of the environment in which raw water is purified.
01.10.19 Water Wise Watch - October 2019
As we enter October, a month after Arbor Day celebrations, the trees that were planted during Arbor Day will be acclimatizing with the new season and will start producing new buds and flowers. This month we celebrate World Animal Day.
20.09.19 Water Wise Watch - September 2019
One of Water Wise's mandate is to educate different stakeholders (internal and external) on water conservation and how this knowledge can be cascaded into daily activities at home or at work.
17.09.19 Manzi's Newsflash - Arbor Month Celebration
For a number of years it has become a culture of Rand Water’s Water Wise Education Team (WWET) to plant trees in commemoration of Arbor month (September).