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13.12.16 Manzi's News - December 2016
My topic for this newsletter is drought. I wonder what is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of drought? In my mind the first things that I think about are: thirst, heat, sweat, discomfort and no water coming from the tap! This makes me very worried… I also ask myself what causes drought and what exactly happens when there is drought?
29.11.16 Water Wise Watch - December 2016
November was a rainy month, and our Water Wise weather station recorded 263 mm of rain within the month - more than eight times that received in November 2015! However, water restrictions remain in place in many municipalities across the country.
04.11.16 Manzi's News - November 2016
Today I decided to stretch my legs and take a walk. Friends I have been walking down the street and it is so hot. It has not been raining for some time. Do you mind coming to the river with me so that we can see how the fish are doing and how much water is in the river?
01.11.16 Water Wise Watch - November 2016
Our municipalities are doing what they can to prevent a national water crisis. ‘Water throttling’ refers to a reduction in pipe pressure so that less water flows through our taps. This means that less water is used every time a tap is opened. Water restrictions prevent consumers from using water wastefully by restricting certain water-use activities that are non-essential.
19.10.16 Manzi's News - October 2016
I am very excited to talk to you again! I hope you are all looking forward to this month’s newsletter. In this issue we are going to look at planet Earth & beyond.
30.09.16 Water Wise Watch - October 2016
As the days get warmer and rain remains elusive, worries over the continued drought increase. Certain municipalities have instituted water restrictions in their region in an attempt to reduce customer demand. Failure to adhere to these restrictions can result in fines. Remember to be Water Wise and use water as sparingly as possible!