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07.01.20 Water Wise Watch - January 2020
New Years greeting all round! We hope everyone had a safe and joyful festive season filled with happy memories. As we are entering into the new year, Water Wise would love to wish everyone a successful, prosperous year ahead. May all your dreams be fulfilled, may your approach to life be filled with positivity and courage, may our work-places and homes be filled with love and harmony, may we also strive to build healthy relationships, and lastly may we all become more environmentally responsible and water wise. Happy New Year from the Water Wise team, here's to many more years of making saving water fashionable!
07.01.20 Manzi's News - January 2020
Welcome to the new year of 2020 and I hope you had a well deserved festive season break, ready to start a new year with vigor and energy.
10.12.19 Water Wise Watch - December 2019
The festive season is here and the excitement is already in the air. Although the festive season is filled with nothing but joy and happiness, if not planned properly, it can hit one's pocket really hard. It is always advisable to plan ahead in terms of buying gifts and saving money to get through the month.
04.12.19 Manzi's News - December 2019
Friends did you know that 5 December 2019 is World Soil Day? This day has been celebrated every year since 2014.
18.11.19 Manzi's News - November 2019
This month we are going to talk about the “sanitation crisis”. Sanitation means providing people with clean healthy drinking water and a proper healthy toilet system.
14.11.19 Water Wise Watch - November 2019
We are well into summer and the temperatures are soaring, with little rain in sight at the moment. With a rise in temperature and low levels of rainfall, it is expected that the demand on our water supply is going to increase. This is a great time to focus on being Water Wise!