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15.08.16 Manzi's News - August 2016
Welcome back to school after the winter holidays. I hope you enjoyed yourself wherever you may have visited. I know that some of you visited your parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents in various parts of the country and the continent. For those who visited Gauteng, I’m sure you enjoyed the taste of our beautiful, healthy water from the tap.
02.08.16 Water Wise Watch - August 2016
We understand that life is busy and it is often difficult to find the time to catch up with the latest from Water Wise.
04.07.16 Manzi's News - July 2016
All life on earth needs water to survive. All the animals and plants we eat need water to survive. Most of the food we eat comes from animals, including beef, lamb, pork, fish and chicken. Other foods come from plants, including rice, wheat, fruit, beans and vegetables.
04.07.16 Water Wise Watch - July 2016
While on the surface, World Population Day doesn’t seem to have much of a link to water, I felt it important to highlight this day as an ‘environmental’ day.
07.06.16 Manzi's News - June 2016
Last time we said that insects live everywhere! Can you remember that? We said that insects can live in your house, garden and in the veld too. There are millions of types of insects on Earth.
02.06.16 Water Wise Watch - June 2016
Water Wise regularly encourages people to conserve water by adopting Water Wise habits such as taking shorter showers and turning the tap off when you brush your teeth.