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05.03.18 Water Wise Watch - March 2018
We all know that water plays an important role in our everyday lives, and that we cannot live without this precious resource.
01.02.18 Manzi's News - February 2018
You most probably used water today! You may have taken a bath, brushed your teeth, went to the toilet, washed your clothes or even drank a glass of refreshing cold water. Have you ever wondered how did that water get there? How did the water get to you?
31.01.18 Water Wise Watch - February 2018
Can you believe it is February already? We hope you have had a wonderful year so far! February is the month of love, and this month we want to encourage you to love your environment.
08.01.18 Manzi's News - January 2018
I am sure you have all received your results for your performance in 2017. Congratulations to all those who did well in their studies and for those who did not make it, there is always a second chance in life.
22.12.17 Water Wise Watch - January 2018
Welcome back from everyone at Water Wise! We hope you had a wonderful festive season and we would like to wish you the best for 2018!
12.12.17 Manzi's News - December 2017
Even though water is a renewable resource it can’t be created nor destroyed.