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22.12.17 Water Wise Watch - January 2018
Welcome back from everyone at Water Wise! We hope you had a wonderful festive season and we would like to wish you the best for 2018!
12.12.17 Manzi's News - December 2017
Even though water is a renewable resource it can’t be created nor destroyed.
07.11.17 Water Wise Watch - December 2017
Lately, Water Wise has been working through the ideas and perceptions that people have regarding water.
07.11.17 Water Wise Watch - November 2017
Gauteng has been experiencing a slightly strange weather phenomenon this summer season. Gone are the days of the regular and predictable afternoon thunder showers that arrived in a frenzy and left just as quickly after a drenching downpour and lots of lightning and thunder.
01.11.17 Manzi's News - November 2017
Have you ever wondered how water is used in our daily lives? Have you thought what water actually is? How much water do we have on Earth? What about how people get water to use every day? Finally, has the thought ever crossed your mind how water is polluted and what effects it can have on our lives and our health? Well, I would love to share some information with you!
23.10.17 We all Live Downstream
The dawn chorus of birds rang out across the Sabie River. The bird calls of the Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, the Burchell’s Coucal, the Blacksmith Lapwing and the Fish Eagle added a peaceful atmosphere to the river scene.