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08.09.20 Water Wise Newsflash - International Literacy Day - 8 September 2020
Lack of literacy and numeracy in any society is a threat to the economy and a society’s wellbeing.
07.09.20 Water Wise Newsflash - International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies - 7 September 2020
According to a United Nations report, air pollution is the major environmental risk to human health and a major cause of death and diseases globally.
02.09.20 National Arbor Month - September 2020
South Africa celebrates Arbor and Heritage month in September.
02.09.20 Water Wise Newsflash - Arbor Week
South Africa celebrates Arbor Week in the first week of September every year.
02.09.20 Water Wise Newsflash - African Traditional Medicine Day
31 August 2020 is African Traditional Medicine Day. Traditional African medicine is a holistic discipline involving the use of indigenous herbalism and sometimes combined with aspects of African spirituality.
31.08.20 Water Wise Watch - September 2020
We are proud to announce that the Rand Water, Water Wise & Research team won the SAGIC Excellence in Training award 2020 which was sponsored by Stihl. The Water Wise team was recognized for their dedication through their impactful water conservation training in the form of lectures, training seminars, print media, exhibitions and events, generation of training material and the incorporation of water wise techniques in golf courses and other landscape fraternities.