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Lifestyle Water Wise 2018 Winners


Water Wise Press Release

Lifestyle Water Wise 2018 Winners

Rand Water’s Water Wise team is honored to be part of the 2018 Lifestyle Garden Show. This year, Water Wise participated in the presentation of a trophy to the garden that had demonstrated exceptional water wise principles. All the final year students from the Lifestyle College collaborated in designing each of the gardens that are currently on show at the Lifestyle Garden Centre. The design students successfully brought their designs to life and incorporated many water wise principles, which includes but is not limited to, the use of indigenous plants, hydro zoning and mulching. All the 2018 gardens have a good visual appeal however, the garden that most effectively demonstrates water wise principles was Eco echo.

Lifestyle_image1 Lifestyle_image2


“Eco echo” the 2018 Water Wise winning garden

The garden was chosen based on the following principles:

  1. The garden was well hydro zoned, hosting low and medium water use plants.
  2. The use of agapanthus and Felicia which are low water use also brought colour to the garden.
  3. The use of both organic and inorganic mulch created different textures in the garden.
  4. The garden comprised of indigenous plants which depend on the natural rainfall.
  5. The garden uses permeable paving for absorption of rainfall into the ground.
  6. A non – splashing water feature surrounded by vegetation ensured that there was less water wasted.
  7. The garden had no lawn areas which are usually high water use areas.
  8. The garden provided a relaxing atmosphere to entertain and enjoy the natural surroundings and one could easily isolate certain sections of the garden to incorporate it into a domestic garden.

A beautiful and functional garden can also be a water wise garden. Incorporating most of the water wise principles helps in reducing water usage and ensures low maintenance.

Be sure that you visit the Lifestyle Garden Centre to see these show gardens currently on display until the end of May. Don’t forget to #BeWaterWise.

If you require the pictures in High Resolution or for more information contact:

Meagan Donnelly on 011 724 9351 or