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16.09.20 Water Wise Newsflash - World Cleanup Day - 19 September 2020
One of the six meanings to being Water Wise is to take Environmental Action and on 19 September 2020 people of different tribes, cultures and places around the world will be joining hands to CLEANUP the planet.
14.09.20 Water Wise News - September 2020
The world is fighting an invisible enemy called COVID-19 which has crippled our economy and schools and has created tension and fear amongst community members.
10.09.20 Use Water Wisely in Spring
Manzi says, “The Vaal Dam is 36.8% full (9 Sept). Please remember to use water wisely. Let’s not replace one crisis for another.”
08.09.20 Water Wise Newsflash - International Literacy Day - 8 September 2020
Lack of literacy and numeracy in any society is a threat to the economy and a society’s wellbeing.
07.09.20 Water Wise Newsflash - International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies - 7 September 2020
According to a United Nations report, air pollution is the major environmental risk to human health and a major cause of death and diseases globally.
02.09.20 National Arbor Month - September 2020
South Africa celebrates Arbor and Heritage month in September.