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Delta Park

Delta Environmental Centre garden was first developed in 1998. The garden is designed to stimulate the senses (feel, touch, sound and smell) to enhance the learning experience for adults, learners and members of the community through mulched pathways and herb garden.  The garden showcases Water Wise gardening principles such as zoning (grouping of plants with similar water needs), mulching and plant choice (e.g. leaves with adaptations to minimise water loss, such as small, grey and/or hairy leaves). The facility has recently been upgraded with a rain tank attached to the gazebo to harvest roof rainwater and release it through downpipes to the bottom of the garden where water is needed most.  


The current watering system used in the garden is the drip irrigation system, which is ideal for established gardens, especially where the tall trees and bushes would block the spray from a spray/sprinkler system, resulting in uneven watering and dry patches. The drip irrigation system is network of pipes lying on top of the ground, and therefore reaches every area in the garden ensuring that there are no dry zones.  The drip irrigation system is extremely Water Wise, as the water enters the soil immediately and goes straight to the plant roots. There is no water loss due to the wind blowing droplets away, and only the minimum amount of water is lost to evaporation. The system also has a rain sensor, which will stop the irrigation system from running if it has rained recently. Drip irrigation can save as much as 50 of your water use when compared to other sprinklers.

This garden is still being upgraded with new plants and signage but is definitely worth a visit.

Delta Park
Road No. 3
Victory Park











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For more information on Delta please visit the Delta Environmental Centre website.


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