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Manzi's Water Wise Club

Manzi, the Water Wise mascot, would like YOU to join Manzi’s Water Wise Club and learn to be Water Wise. All you need to do is PROMISE to be Water Wise and you can become a member. As a member you will receive a FREE copy of “Manzi’s News” on a regular basis. In each newsletter you will:

  • find out what Manzi and his team have been up to;
  • learn some Water Wise tips;
  • learn more about the environment;
  • play some fun Water Wise games; and
  • enter Water Wise competitions where you can win prizes.

Why don’t you join Manzi’s Water Wise Club now?

Sign the “Water Wise Promise” and become a member.

Water Wise Promise

I promise to be "Water Wise" and support a healthy world.