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Grade 6

NOTE: The Water Wise Education Team (WWET) has developed a range of Grade specific activities that are aligned to the CAPS school curriculum. Please click on each Grade for the different activities offered. Please browse "More Activities"  and "Fun Stuff" for more great activities. These activities may be used for educational purposes provided that the Water Wise logo remains on the material.

Curriculum Aligned Activities

Natural Sciences and Technology - Water Pollution (Term 2)

Natural Sciences and Technology - Water Experiment - It's a Trap

Natural Sciences and Technology - Cost of Electricity (Term 3)

Social Sciences (Geography) - Climate and Vegetation of South Africa (Term 3)

Social Sciences (Geography) - Climate in Hot Deserts (Term 3)

Social Sciences (History) - Medicine Through Time (Terms 4)

Life Skills – Social Responsibility (Term 3)

Life Skills - Caring for Animals and People (Term 3)