Grades R - 3

NOTE: The Water Wise Education Team (WWET) has developed a range of Grade specific activities that are aligned to the CAPS school curriculum. Please click on each Grade for the different activities offered. Please browse "More Activities"  and "Fun Stuff" for more great activities. These activities may be used for educational purposes provided that the Water Wise logo remains on the material.

Curriculum Aligned Activities

English - Journey in the Water Cycle

English - How to be a Water Wise Warrior

English - The Treasure Hunt

English - The Water Wise Express

English/Life Skills - Healthy World

Life Skills - Colour and Texture Experiment

Life Skills - Water Wise Tips

Life Skills - Shadow Shapes#1

Life Skills - Shadow Shapes#2

Life Skills - Valuing Water

Life Skills - Water Wise Fortune Teller

Life Skills - Water Wise Sin Tin

Mathematics - 100 Chart

Mathematics - Manzi Can Add

Mathematics - Manzi Counts in 2s

Mathematics - Manzi's Number Patterns

Mathematics - Small and Big

Mathematics - Counting and Grouping

Mathematics - Storytelling Maths - Addition and Subtraction

Mathematics - Speed Addition

Mathematics - Speed Subtraction

Mathematics - Water Droplet Number Lines

Mathematics - Water Droplet Maze

Mathematics - Working with Numbers

Mathematics – Capacity and Volume

Mathematics - Arranging Numbers